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O sobie: Zhejiang Dehe Printing Co,.Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer in paper bags and boxes and other paper products for 6 years. Based in East of Mainland China, We develop and manufacture all seasonal and everyday products.
Our annual production capacity of standard gift bags and boxes is close to 80 million units. Here are over 50 employees and we have printing machine, automatic paper bag making machine, automatic paper box making machine, automatic hot stamp machine, automatic die-cut machine, automatic glittering machine, automatic laminating machine, and etc.
"Customer first , Quality foremost" is our managing policy. Meeting and exceeding customers' requirements is the central theme of our quality strategy. With our ability to produce high quality merchandise at competitive prices and on-time delivery, we have established good business relationships with international superstores, and various professional clients worldwide, including USA, EU market and many other countries. We sincerely hope to cooperate with all the customers.China Gold Foil Greeting Cards
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