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O sobie: Henan Xinxin Silicon Alloy Co.,ltd.,emerges at a historic moment during the President Xi visited central Asia and southeast Asia successively put forward the great strategic concept "One Belt One Road ", We are an enterprise specialized in metallurgy and refractory products research and development, production, processing and marketing.
The registered capital of company is 10 million Yuan, and now we have more than 300 employees and the self-management import and export rights. In Qinghai province, the western of China, we have a modern ferrosilicon production factory. In Henan province which is time honored, located in the middle of China, we have a leading technology of multielement alloy and refractory materials production base.
The main products of our company: Ferrosilicon( powder、granule、lump、ball), Silicon Metal, Silicon carbide, Silicon Nitride, Rare Earth Magnesium Ferro Silicon, Silicon Slag Ball, Si-Ca, Si-Al, Si-Al-Ba-Ca, Inoculant, Mould Inoculant, Carburant, Mould Powder For Pipe Casting, Alloy Cored Wire and so on.
With abundant capital strength, advanced production technology and production equipment, complete testing equipment, perfect quality guarantee system, stable and reliable product quality, we are many well-known iron-steel enterprises’ long-term raw material suppliers, such as Anyang iron-steel enterprise、Jiangshu Shagang、Guangxi Liuzhou steel、Hebei iron-steel and so on. At the same time, most of our products sell to Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Mid-Asia, Mid-East, Europe and Taiwan etc.
We always insist the policy of "Trustworthiness, Innovation, Lasting, and Surmounting", willing to cooperate with the vast number of domestic and overseas clients to share the dividend of China's reform and opening up policy, promote world economic prosperity and win-win of regional economic cooperation.
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